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What does Bethany photograph?

Bethany Otten Photography is a photography service that includes weddings, business, corporate, real estate, events, portraits, family, travel, and lifestyle. No person and no photographic shoot is the same, which is why Bethany Otten Photography helps meet each person and business where they are. The company is owned by Bethany Otten, a Charlottean since 1987.


Bethany Otten Photography is known for versatility in her photographic content and has the ability to successfully capture your photographic needs with excellence. 


Who is Bethany?

Bethany Otten’s photographic experience reaches back to her first camera as a child. Officially her professional experience began in 2009 as Photographic Services Intern with UNCW Marketing and Communications. Supervised by New York times award winning photojournalist Jamie Moncrief, her assignments included various photo shoots around campus, including school events and portraits of students and faculty. Her hunger to learn about photography grew, as she progressed interning with Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Lumina News intern in 2010. Here she represented the magazine photographing a lifestyle section, as well as serving as photographer, reporter, and journalist for the newspaper.  She met and began to assist professional photographer Joshua Curry in commercial photography within architectural, fashion, and food. Studying abroad Bethany interned and developed a library of product photography for a successful graphic design firm in Auckland, New Zealand. It was the natural progression to go into business for herself and deliver excellent images and experiences to her clients. Bethany thinks outside of the box and delivers create and memorable images to last a lifetime. As a former stand up comedian and current yoga instructor, these additional skill-sets helps Bethany put clients at ease and create a photographic environment for success. Currently Bethany is in graduate school for counseling. And let's face it, who doesn't need a wedding photographer who is trained to handle deep emotions? 

Where has Bethany photographed?

Bethany has photographed and traveled to over 20 different countries. Photographing around the world is an experience that’s priceless and could not be taught in her university studies or internships! Bethany has kept photography alive within her life by celebrating friend’s events and moments within her own life. But finally Bethany took the plunge to make her passion into a career in which Bethany Otten Photography came to life.

Bethany’s years of experience speaks volumes:

  • Photographing around the world

  • Graduated cum laude from UNCW within Communication Studies with a focus in photography and design

  • Work experience in magazine, newspapers and design firms in Wilmington, NC and Auckland NZ, published photography and written articles within Wrightsville Beach Magazine and Lumina News

  • Collaboration with NY times award winning photographer Jaime Moncrief and the professional Joshua Curry


When should you hire Bethany to photograph?



Why choose Bethany to photograph?

The life experience and ability to adapt to change in work settings and environment within the owner’s life translates into the versatility and creativity within her work. Traveling on her own around the world empowers Bethany with the capability to adapt to any environment and communicate effectively with all personality types and backgrounds. She thrives on meeting and talking to new people, and is un-afraid to engage in conversations. Bethany’s love for diversity and many interests within life gives her the ability to easily hold conversations and make new clients feel comfortable. Remember when you book for a wedding, you are booking the person who is going to spend the majority of your day with you! Bethany's experience in photography, combined with education in yoga and counseling are assets to her ability to help create positive experiences for others.

Photography is the balance of capturing light and action within a moment. With a passion to get people to laugh with her history of stand up comedy and a desire to help people relax teaching yoga weekly, Bethany’s history allows her to bring in her light hearted sense of humor while putting the client at ease. Meditating and practicing yoga daily is extremely important to her and allows her work to thrive. Before entering full time within photography, her work as a licensed real estate broker within commercial real estate, enhanced Bethany’s photography experience even deeper as she is endowed with key aspects of what a business wants. She has the understanding of what a picture needs to capture interest and market a business. Bethany enjoys giving back and some of her favorite assignments are volunteering her time photographing within the community.

Mission Statement

Celebrating moments of life. Helping businesses create images which draw and entice clientele. Capturing a glimpse of a moment to keep a lifetime. Providing a precious gift to you: capturing the present. To serve others by showing up in the world with my highest and best self, within photography and daily living. 

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